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Products for Automotive and On-Road Applications:

  • Three way catalysts for simultaneous removal of HC, CO and NOx under stoichiometric burn conditions
  • Oxidation catalysts for HC and CO removal under lean conditions, for example, diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC)
  • Oxidation catalysts for methane and propane destruction
  • Catalyzed partial filters or catalyzed wall flow filters for PM (particulate matter) reduction, for example catalyzed diesel particulate filters (cDPF)
  • Selective catalytic reduction of NOx (SCR)
  • Ammonia slip catalyst to eliminate secondary ammonia emission downstream of SCR systems

Autos and Trucks


Continuously improved designs are key enablers to providing high quality catalysts at a competitive price.Through our Research & Development Aristo has established cutting edge product platforms that are designed to meet conversion efficiencies and durability requirements at any legislation level. Our parts are engineered and tested to ensure “durability proven” characteristics which meet or exceed standards worldwide.

ARISTO® catalysts can be applied to reciprocating engines fueled by gasoline, natural gas, diesel, LPG and synthetic fuels at any size engine displacement. Not only do we offer many types of emissions solutions for OEM and aftermarket applications; we also provide competitive turnaround times, a quality guarantee and dedicated product support functions.

Applications Include:

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Aristo® offers a full line of INTELLIGENT CATALYST® products for on-road, off-road, stationary, industrial, commercial and marine engines powered by gasoline, diesel, or other fuel sources.

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