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Aristo® has built a long-standing, solid reputation by providing products that help clients maintain compliance of global emissions standards. That experience and expertise has led to a diverse portfolio of emissions solutions which apply to off-road equipment. Aristo’s catalysts can provide high destruction rates of unburned HC, VOC (volatile organic compounds), CO and NOx. Catalysts applied to partial filters or full filters provide high efficiency of PM (particulate matter) removal from engine exhaust.

Catalyst formulations are optimized for cost and durability depending on specific applications and the required conversion efficiencies. To help our customers manage the overall costs for catalytic systems, ARISTO continuously develops new formulations that apply advanced catalytic materials, composition designs, and coating technologies to improve the performance and durability of our products.

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Aristo® offers a full line of INTELLIGENT CATALYST® products for on-road, off-road, stationary, industrial, commercial and marine engines powered by gasoline, diesel, or other fuel sources.

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